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      Dynamic Pressure

      Dynamic Pressure – Adaptation of Tire Inflation Pressure to changing Road Conditions

      An intelligent tire and wheel technology concept, adapting the tire inflation pressure to reduce the rolling resistance of the tire, optimize safety on wet roads, increase the riding comfort, and ensure maximum traction in severe conditions.


      • A Dynamic Tire Inflation System with wheel integrated components
      • Tire inflation pressure is influencing the tire footprint and therefore the tire performance
      • Today, the tire inflation pressure is mostly changed upon low pressure alert only
      • In the future this will be adaptable to make the tire an active component of the vehicle

      Media Experience

      • A demonstrator vehicle is equipped with the fist prototypes of the Dynamic Pressure technology: The inflation pressure of the tires can be actively influenced


      • Increase in different tire performances
      • Next step for a carefree tire
      • Next step for “Vision Zero”