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      Industry 4.0

      Industry 4.0 could be considered as the fourth industrial revolution. This revolution connects the production with modern information- and communication techniques and changes our work style in a way that steam engine, assembly line, electricity and the internet did before.

      Robust production processes using geolocation/ geofencing, automated replenishment technologies, smart equipment, artificial intelligence and advanced robotics execute a zero-error strategy and drastically improve efficiency. In particular, Big Data and artificial intelligence can be used to make the right decisions in the daily production even faster, more flexibly and more efficiently. Not only this, but certain Industry 4.0 solutions take away the straining or mundane tasks from employees or cut-down the time spent performing them, thus overall improving the enjoyability of work. Employees are becoming increasingly familiar with cooperative robots (cobots) who work alongside them. They are more connected with coworkers and activities on the shop floor.

      You were able to learn more about our research and implementation of various strategic areas of Industry 4.0 at our TechTalk on July 16, 2021. The virtual TechExperience of our model plant for Industry 4.0 Regensburg also led through the areas of logistics and production and thus gave insights into various solutions such as geolocation, artificial intelligence for optical inspection and eKANBAN for automated replenishment.

      We have prepared the following sessions for you:

      Here you can find a background article on the topic we presented to you at the TechSow Around the World 2021 TechTalk on industrie 4.0.

      Find out more about our Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), the highly reliable and autonomous flexible partner with both a heavy duty and a compact design.


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      Our Experts

      Our speakers at the TechTalk on the topic of Industry 4.0.