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      The extent of the digital transformation, which is currently fundamentally changing the automobile, can best be illustrated with one figure: 90 percent of the current innovations in the automotive industry come from the software sector. Continental recognized this early on and is driving this trend forward as one of the leading companies in automotive software and system development.

      At the TechShow, the software dominance in current and future vehicles can be seen. One example is the Body High Performance Computer, which has gone into series production as an In-Car Application Server for Volkswagen's ID series. In 2021 and 2022 alone, domain-specific high-performance computers from Continental will be on the road in more than 20 other vehicle models from various manufacturers. The next generation of vehicle computers is already ready to go: These are server-based computer architectures that enable seamless and secure cloud connectivity of vehicles through the so-called Continental Automotive Edge Framework.

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