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      Vehicle Driving Demonstrations, Marketplaces, Networking

      Presenting new solutions, making innovations tangible, explaining backgrounds, understanding technology and answering questions - this is what the Continental TechShow stands for.

      With a variety of virtual expert discussions and demonstrations over the last months you got exclusive insights into product innovations, partnerships and trends. Automated and intelligent mobility, connectivity, software and sustainability are going hand in hand with driving pleasure, comfort, safety and effiency. You were able to experience live the latest developments and trends at our TechShow event on October 28, 2021. Here you will find all information and materials for your coverage.

      Please find here footage as well as current press pictures on the TechShow 2021 topics.

      CEO Nikolai Setzer:

      "Today, we are already one of the leading software players in the automotive industry. With about 17,000 software and IT specialists and the knowledge they possess, we are pressing forward with the development of the software-defined vehicle.

      In addition, since the end of 2018 our company’s own software academy has been fostering and expanding the expertise of our employees internationally. More than 20,000 staff members are currently furthering their training in the software academy."