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      User Experience


      Rows of houses grow out of the display. A red stop sign hovers ten centimeters in front of the screen. In addition, numbers seem to magically hang in the air, indicateing the distance to the destination and the required travel time. And then this: Suddenly, on a smooth surface in wood, carbon or leather optics in the cockpit, the cover image of the driver’s favorite artist and virtual menu buttons for operating a music playlist appear.

      With such visual effects and an exciting design reduced to the essentials, Continental is revolutionizing the display and control surfaces in vehicles. The technology company is taking the discipline “User Experience”, which is becoming increasingly important in automotive engineering, to a new level. Acoustic perception also plays a major role in this. The speaker-free sound system Ac2ated Sound  developed by Continental causes existing surfaces in the vehicle to vibrate. It allows the driver and passengers to delve into an impressive, immersive world of sound. With an integrated solution for interior sensors, Continental also increases comfort in the vehicle and the driver's well-being. The solutions are already meeting the necessary safety standards for the mobility of tomorrow.