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      the world’s first 48V e-bike motor
      Press Release
      August 30, 2017

      Continental Unveils Revolutionary 48V eBike System

      • New 48V electric bike technology including a revolutionary new drive unit with both motor and stepless automatic gear system
      • The new system comprises two new 48V drive units: 48V Revolution and 48V Prime
      • 48V Revolution is the world’s first 48V-powered e-bike motor with a fully integrated stepless automatic transmission contained in an all-in-one drive unit

      Friedrichshafen, Germany, August 30, 2017. Continental continuously works to develop technological solutions for an emission-free future, and, utilizing their knowledge and advancements in 48V automotive technology, now bring two pioneering 48V drive units to the electric bike. “The new 48V eBike technology combined with an integrated motor and fully automatic stepless transmission is a logical and necessary step in the e-bike’s evolution,” said Jörg Malcherek, responsible for Bicycle Systems at Continental. “Further integration and transfer of Continental’s automotive know-how into future concepts for upcoming e-bike designs is a must to deliver the rider the demanded safety and comfort.”

      The 48V Revolution is the world’s first 48V-powered e-bike motor with a fully integrated stepless automatic transmission contained in an all-in-one drive unit. With its 2-in-1 drive and continuously variable planetary (CVP) gearing with a ratio range of 380%, the 48V Revolution sets a new standard in integrated e-bike systems, resulting in a fully automatic ride that is seamless in operation. To complement the 48V Revolution, Continental will also introduce the 48V Prime drive unit, for use with conventionally geared e-bikes. As the global e-bike market is growing, dynamic and full of potential, so Continental is concentrating its already considerable attention to this pioneering field as part of a holistic approach to mobility.

      e-bike handling evolved

      Being mounted in a single unit at the bottom bracket axle position, 48V Revolution is optimized for bike designs offering a central and low center of gravity, resulting in the best handling bikes. Avoiding the penalty of a rotating mass inherent in some hub-based systems is another handling bonus that Continental’s OEM partners can incorporate in their bike designs. The integration of both drive and gearing into a single unit offers manufacturers more design freedom to create a clean, more desirable premium product. Integration reduces shifting complexity for riders and simplifies ongoing maintenance and servicing requirements.

      Pioneering R&D pays off

      Continental’s extensive R&D experience in 48V electric automotive development has been fundamental in the development of the 48V eBike system, resulting in revolutionary drive units that take e-bikes to the next level. A single unified drive unit bracket (frame adapter) can be applied to the 48V Prime as well as the 48V Revolution. This enables manufacturers to utilize the same frame design, with the same bottom bracket axle position, across 48V Revolution and 48V Prime powered bikes. Both new systems are compatible with both the Continental Belt Drive system and traditional chains. 48V Revolution and 48V Prime drive units will be available from model year 2018.

      Continental is currently building a global network for complete after sales support and servicing to ensure that dealers, retailers and end users get all the support they need.

      “We are pleased to reveal that our OEM partner, Cycle Union, will be the first to launch its latest ‘e-bike manufaktur’ range which will be equipped with the new 48V Prime and 48V Revolution systems,” Malcherek added. Further OEM partners such as TechniBike will follow and present their e-bike models based on the 48V eBike system.

      For further information please visit Continental Bicycle System’s Eurobike booth A6-304 or test ride the new systems at the Eurobike e-bike demo area booth DA-401.

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