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      Heartbeat Stories

      For us at Continental, mobility has always been our passion – starting from day one, 150 years ago, on October 8, 1871. Mobility is what makes our hearts beat faster. At the same time, mobility is also what literally drives us every day: It is an integral part of our daily life. For some people, mobility is essential on their way to work, home or school; for others, it translates into freedom and the opportunity to be independent. In any case, mobility is of essential relevance to all of us – each and every single day!

      And that’s exactly why, on the occasion of our 150th anniversary, we've been searching for moving stories that capture this passion. Stories that not only make our hearts beat faster, but yours as well. Because your heartbeat is our heartbeat – and therefore your Heartbeat Story is our Heartbeat Story

      What is a Heartbeat Story? Heartbeat Stories are the kind of stories that move us and others. Stories about:

      • Trust. Passion To Win. Freedom To Act. For One Another.
      • Milestones. Courage. Challenges. Success. Risk. Adventure. Joy. Dedication. Team Spirit. Reliability. Leap of Faith.
      • Experts. Pioneers. Partners. Customers. Talents. Everyone.