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      For us as a company, the Future In Motion means not only improving people’s quality of life through mobility in the future, but also helping people to achieve their goals. This includes Spencer Robinson, senior events specialist, Sales and Marketing PLT at Continental, from the USA. From the day he got his driver’s license, Spencer Robinson knew that driving is his life! But the road wasn’t enough for him, he wanted more. And so he built a buggy which he raced in the desert. When his daughter suffered an eye condition, Spencer decided to sell the buggy to continue to pay for treatment and medication. The temporary end to his passion! But that’s not the end of the story: The purchase of a Jeep brought him back to nature and off-road driving in 2001. And that’s exactly what paved the way for him when he moved from the test laboratories to the Marketing department at General Tire in 2007. Since then, he has been traveling all over the country with his Jeep Jamborees, and not only meets new people, but can also demonstrate his driving skills off-road and show customers up close what the General Tire tires can do. A story about Jeeps, adventure and people, and how Continental helps employees to combine their passions with work and exploit their full potential.