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      When years of intensive cooperation lead to a profound friendship – almost everyone has experienced this at some point. Whether in a group of colleagues or with business partners, But few know each other for over 25 years, such as Josef Gensler, former workshop manager at the wood pallet manufacturer Krenzer Paletten, and Klaus Lederer, Area Manager of Continental’s Commercial Specialty Tires area.

      Together, they are constantly looking for new opportunities to meet the company’s diverse tire requirements with innovative solutions. Josef Gensler and Klaus Lederer were not distracted by big and small challenges, and constantly continued tinkering. And that’s exactly what they are doing to this day, even though Josef Gensler has now retired after more than 43 years at Krenzer Paletten. A story about how Continental’s credo “Tire Business is People Business” is put into practice and why the strong connection between sales and customers also remains when things change with the younger generation.