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      Family is the most important thing. The connection is evidence of very special relationships between parents and children, relatives, sometimes friends, and in some cases even with the employer company. With every generation, these ties are constantly expanding. That’s the case with Emilia Sá’s family. For more than five generations now, members of the Sá family have been working at the Continental location in Lousado, Portugal. Emilia Sá’s great-grandfather and grandfather were involved in setting up the plant. They helped to build up the location and sustainably anchor Continental in the region. In the following decades, they were succeeded by Emilia’s father, Emilia herself, her brother, and now her son. This has created a unique relationship between the Sá family and the Continental family over the generations. It’s a captivating story about how two families become one, and why families like Emilia Sá’s are indispensable for us as a company.