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      Passion, motivation and willpower – you can achieve anything with these. This is demonstrated by Dr. Corina Apachiţe’s impressive career. Brought up in the little village of Mihăileni in Romania, she was used to hard work from an early age. This way of life has had a deep influence on her. The village offered hardly any opportunities for the people living there – and, above all, no opportunity to achieve what she has done professionally: As head of the AI department within Continental Automotive Technologies, she is helping to shape the mobility of tomorrow. But getting there was not easy. To make the most of her chances for education, she often had to spend several hours waiting for the bus. Her current work at Continental focuses on artificial intelligence – a passion that she discovered in her computer science studies. Dr. Corina Apachiţe sees the major benefit of AI above all in easing the load for workers. AI doesn’t mean that people are replaced by machines, but rather that people no longer have to work like machines. Her pet project at Continental: The further development of Contadino – a fully electric agricultural robot that enables farmers to work more efficiently and easier. With her knowledge and work, she wants to make the world a better place. And that’s exactly why the fourth episode of our Heartbeat Stories is so heartening.