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      Low Voltage, High Performance: Full-Hybrid Vehicle with 48-Volt High-Power Technology from Continental


      Protecting the climate calls for environmentally efficient drive systems. Nothing else will do and they are also affordable. For years now, technology company Continental has been backing environmentally friendly and cost-effective 48-volt electrification, which can be used with both gasoline and diesel engines. In the run-up to IAA 2019, Powertrain is now presenting the latest innovation to come from its 48-volt drive solution: the 48-volt, 30 kW high-power drive system. "Our development objective was to achieve a level of driving efficiency with 48-volt technology that was previously reserved for high-voltage systems and we have now done exactly that".


      •  48 Volt high-power electric machine with 30kW peak power. This power level has been known up to
        now from high voltage systems
      • Belt starter generator: water cooled permanent magnet e-machine with integrated power electronics, 
        compact design and high efficiency (peak values beyond 90%)
      • Attractive costs due to 48 Volt components (starter generator, Li-ion battery, DC/DC converter)

      Innovation & driving experience

      • USP: High power 48 Volt electric machine with 30kW peak power and compact design
      • New: Full hybrid functionality can now be realized using cost efficient 48 Volt technology
      • Driving Experience: Excellent fuel efficiency; improved drivability due to electric boosting


      • Excellent emission robustness & fuel efficiency
      • Cost: Low system cost by using 48 Volt technology as basis for high market penetration
      • Comfort & driving fun: Silent eDrive feature & good drivability by electric boosting