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      Milestone in Electric Mobility: Continental is Building the First Fully Integrated Axle Drive for Mass Production


      One cornerstone of Continental Powertrain’s electric mobility strategy is the highly integrated electric powertrain module for electric vehicles. The highly integrated axle drive in the already 2. generation has SOP in Q3 2019 in Jiading, China for European and Chinese customers as well as start-up companies like Sono Motors. Shown is the Sion of Sono Motors.


      • Highly integrated electric powertrain with electric motor, high voltage inverter and gearbox („reducer“), already in the 2. generation
      • High performance electric motor with 120kW peak power and 270Nm peak torque
      • Low weight of below 80 kg
      • Converts the electric energy from battery into mechanical energy to propel the vehicle
      • Our new electric drive is not only lighter, but also more powerful than comparable concepts. This makes it fun to drive, which is an important factor in the acceptance of electric mobility.

      Innovation and driving experience

      • New forms of mobility: Environmentally friendly self-charging concept with integrated solar cells 
      • Fun to drive thanks to the powerful electric axle-drive, user friendly & intuitive interfaces & features


      • Innovative and environmentally friendly concept
      • Powerful

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