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      Produktion der Leistungselektronik für Hybrid- und Elektrofahrzeuge im Continental Powertrain Werk in Nürnberg

      New Power Module from Continental Combines Electric Mobility with an Outstanding Driving Experience


      One of the company’s strengths and core competencies is its electronics expertise. “When it comes to electric vehicles, the focus is mainly on the electric motor and battery. However, there is another vitally important key component, namely the power electronics – a mini computer that manages the interaction between motor and battery or, in other words, the “brain” of the electric drive system. Its own central component is the power module, which enables currents of up to 650 amps. 


      • The new power electronics module from Continental was the first on the market for a seriesproduction electric automobile in this performance class and featuring this innovative technology
      • The current, third generation, for example, delivers six times the performance of the first, while its weight has been reduced from what used to be 12 kilograms to just 8 kilograms now.
      • Built-in success factor: semiconductors with double sided sintered technology
      • The special challenge was to accommodate such very high load changes while at the same time meeting the requirements expected of automotive systems in terms of long cycle life and service life. 

      Innovation & Driving Experience​

      • New system specially designed for high-end sporty performance 
      • Enhanced control software enables high-class smooth and quiet acceleration
      • Top-class electronic performance can be experienced during driving


      • Driving Performance 
      • Emission reduction: support of climate targets by advancing electric mobility