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      Networked Mobility Demonstrator

      Cockpit of the Future

      Conventional display and operating systems in the cockpit are rapidly reaching their limits on the path to fully interconnected vehicles and automated driving. With innovative technologies Continental creates a new dimension of comfort and safety and brings the third dimension of the highest quality into the vehicle. Find out more about our solutions for the cockpit of tomorrow.

      An Example:

      The Curved Ultrawide Display

      "The Curved Ultrawide Display creates a driving experience that users can fully immerse themselves in. The high intensity and quality radiate throughout the vehicle, transforming the car into a living room on wheels. With the extravagant screen shape, we are fulfilling the needs of our customers who place great value on a high-quality visual experience. Screens that combine emotion and safety are becoming an important purchasing decision. With the Curved Ultrawide Display, we are further expanding our pioneering role as a technology leader in this dynamic market characterized by rapid technological change."

      Philipp von Hirschheydt
      Member of the Executive Board, Group Sector Automotive

      Outstanding user experience of connected mobility of the future for driver and passenger

      As a high-performance computer, this comprehensive solution for software and hardware provides the basis for interaction between humans and vehicles in the connected cockpit of tomorrow – and at the highest level of quality. In its cockpit demonstrator, Continental will show how the Integrated Interior Plattform (IIP) combines various displays, such as the instrument cluster and the center console display, with Internet-based services to form a complete solution. The IIP is a milestone in the E/E architecture revolution, which is seeing in-car electronics move away from many individual control units to a few high-performance computers.

      3D experience without special glasses with touch function

      Continental is demonstrating the next generation of the Natural 3D Display, bringing the technology to the center of the cockpit as a key element of human-machine interaction for the first time. The Natural 3D Centerstack display also offers drivers and passengers a touch function. Introduced in 2019, the 3D Lightfield technology enables all passengers in the vehicle to enjoy a 3D experience without special glasses or head tracker cameras. Three-dimensional highlighting, accentuation and complex lighting effects convey information conveniently and safely.


      Now Continental is are also integrating the technology in the center console display and for the first time in 4K resolution. In addition, the optimized display board can be operated by touch and provides haptic feedback, which further increases convenience and operating safety.


      Connected systems, solutions and services will determine the user experience of the future

      In order to make connected mobility a tangible experience, Continental has bundled its expertise in human-machine interaction and connectivity and integrated a wide range of technologies from both areas in the Networked Mobility Demonstrator. A holistic display solution covering the entire width of the cockpit immediately catches the eye and allows Continental to further advance human-machine interaction for future mobility scenarios by extending or retracting according to driving mode. During manual driving, only the relevant information such as speed or navigation should be displayed, so half of the screen disappears into the cockpit. 

      As soon as the driver activates the automated driving mode, the display extends completely and serves both driver and passenger as an interface for infotainment applications, which they can operate via touch function and whose content can be adapted according to preference. The large-format display is powered by Continental’s Integrated Interior Platform, a comprehensive cockpit software and hardware solution that makes vehicles a fully-functioning part of the Internet of Everything.


      Continental's cockpit system receives award

      The integrated cockpit system seamlessly combines multiple displays and cameras with intelligent, morphing surfaces with active haptic feedback. The 3D-molded display glass offers not only a whole new level of design freedom for vehicle designers and developers, but also a completely unprecedented communication and interaction experience for users, helping to create a holistic user experience. The German Design Council awards the innovative design and operating concept with the special category “Innovation of the Year” in the Automotive Brand Contest 2018.

      Continental achieved a double success with two awards at the German Design Award 2020. The functional surfaces Morphing Controls were awarded as “Winner” in the “Excellent Product Design“ category. The technology company scored in the same category once more, when its display solution Curved Plastic Lens Display received the “Winner” award as well.

      Highest award "Gold" for excellent product design in the Automotive Parts and Accessories category for Continental's ShyTech display: Continental was awarded "Gold" at the German Design Award for its ShyTech display for excellent product design in the Automotive Parts and Accessories category. Every year, the award honors innovative and forward-looking products and projects for outstanding design. "The ShyTech display is a revolutionary dashboard innovation where the in-vehicle display is only visible when necessary. Otherwise, the technology remains invisible. This reduces the amount of information when driving and increases concentration and thus safety. With the ShyTech display, Continental is responding as an innovator to the sensory overload in our everyday lives – a hot topic that is highly relevant in terms of user experience, especially in view of the fact that autonomous vehicles will be the third living space in the future," said the jury for awarding the highest award here.