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      Participation Conditions for the #Fiction2Science Event Series

      Continental AG is the event organizer.


      By sending your registration for the event, you state that you agree to the following participation conditions. The event is open to anybody who has reached the age of 18.* Participation in the event is free-of-charge. The event organizer can reject the application/registration without specifying a reason.
      *You must be at least 18 years old to be able to register for the event. 


      You must follow the instructions of the event organizer and staff and observe all corresponding information at all times during the event. The event organizer reserves the right to exclude participants in the case of rule infringements or the use of technical or other manipulative aids. 


      As a participant, you agree to the free-of-charge publication of photos, video material and interviews that are created in the context of your participation by the event organizer or at the behest of the event organizer (e.g. radio/television, print or online media, books, etc.) without any restriction in terms of location or time.

      Data protection

      You state your agreement that your registration data may be recorded, stored and electronically processed by the event organizer or at his behest solely for the purposes of conducting the event. The data will not be passed on to third parties. For more information, see: Data protection


      All data records, hardware, software and other equipment that is made available by the event organizer during or in the context of the event remains solely the property of the event organizer and must be returned to the event organizer at the end of the event. 

      Ideas and work results

      By participating in the event, you confirm that you are the originator of the idea(s) and that no third parties have any rights to your submissions. You retain copyright to your ideas. Should a third party nevertheless make claims with regard to a copyright infringement and should this infringement be the result of gross negligence on your part, you can be held liable for any damages that may result for the event organizer in this context.

      You agree to sharing your ideas with all other participants at the event. The event organizer cannot be held responsible if your idea, work and results are not published at the event or are not used. You recognize and agree that the event organizer or other participants or third parties may possibly have developed or submitted ideas, work or results that are similar to your own or that they may develop similar ideas, work or results in the future. By participating, you transfer usage rights (with no restrictions in terms of location or time) for your submissions, ideas and results developed and presented at the event.


      The event organizer accepts no responsibility for legal and material defects. The event organizer cannot be held liable for bodily injury, material or financial damages that arise in the context of the event unless the loss or damage is the result of intentional or grossly negligent action (in the case of bodily injury, intent or negligence are applicable) on the part of legal representatives or other persons who are acting on behalf of the event organizer such as representatives or vicarious agents.

      Travel and accommodation expenses

      Continental AG will pay travel expenses for all participants up to the amount of 100 euros. The costs will be reimbursed after the event. Prerequisite for reimbursement is presentation of the original documents (e.g. train or flight tickets). In addition, a hotel room including breakfast will be provided for all participants. Catering will be provided for all participants at the #Fiction2Science event.

      Exclusion of participants

      Continental Corporation employees (including those of its subsidiaries) and employees of all sales service offices may not participate in the promotion.

      Image rights

      By participation in a #Fiction2Science event, I authorize Continental AG and all Continental AG companies to publish all photos and videos that are taken during the event and in which I could be seen in all media of Continental AG (print media, electronic media, Intranet, etc.) as well as in external media (website, social media incl. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other similar sites).

      This shall also cover the provision of the material to third parties as part of publicity work at Continental AG. The consent to use images will be granted without any financial demands and without any restrictions in terms of location, time or purpose and also includes the right to process the images. I am not entitled to revoke this comprehensive consent.