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      Filling up with electricity made easy – with or without a cable

      New “AllCharge” charging system makes electric vehicles fit for all types of charging technology

      As charging technology currently has a huge influence on how effortlessly and conveniently drivers can charge their electric vehicles as part of their daily routine, Continental is presenting global innovations for this area of electromobility for the first time. The brand new concept of the AllCharge system enables vehicle manufacturers to turn the electric drive of a vehicle into a universal charging device, with very little effort. This means that drivers can drive up to any technological variant of a cable charging station and always receive the maximum possible amount of electricity. With urban AC charging systems in particular, this can enable up to twelve times faster charging times. In addition, due to its capability to recuperate energy, the bidirectional AllCharge system opens up brand new uses for electricity from the vehicle battery. This means that electrical/electronic devices (laptops, drills, fridges, etc.) can be supplied with electricity from the system, while on the go.

      Greater convenience thanks to new cable-free charging system

      In a prototype Continental demonstrates the wireless charging of electric vehicles. The charging power is transferred wirelessly from a ground-based charging pad to a receiver pad on the underside of the vehicle. All the driver has to do is to park over the charging pad, assisted by an innovative Continental micro-navigation solution. As soon as the vehicle approaches a parking bay equipped with inductive charging, an authentication dialog with the charging station is executed automatically. A human-machine interface shows the driver when the vehicle has reached the correct parking position and confirms that charging has started.

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