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      Aquaplaning Risk Recognition by 360° Near Range Camera System (“Surround View”)


      Preventive Aquaplaning Risk Detection by Surround View Cameras. 
      Classification of spray water nature and road conditions (dry, wet, aquaplaning risk and snow)


      • Four Fish-eye cameras (SVC 2xx)
      • Vehicle speed information
      • Calculation of aquaplaning risk based on water pressure and vehicle speed
      • Assisted Driving: Driver Warning
      • Automated Driving: Vehicle speed adaptation

      Driving Experience

      As the vehicle is driving into a water basin an algorithm is detecting the imminent aquaplaning risk situation based on surround view camera images. The system is able to detect the hazardous situation early by means of the characteristic spray and splash water caused by the water pressure under and in front of the tires. Thus the water splash is directly depended on the chain of effects due to water pressure under the tire. 


      • Prevention of hazardous hydroplaning situations 
      • Next step for “Vision Zero”
      • Safeguard function for Automated Driving (Cruising Chauffeur)

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