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      PreviewESC - powered by eHorizon


      PreviewESC observes the road ahead by evaluating dynamic friction map data provided by eHorizon. Acting as a virtual sensor eHorizon provides a friction map based on estimated friction values as well as on predicted road surface conditions. PreviewESC will warn the driver and intervene before a vehicle velocity is likely to cause a stability critical situation. 


      • Localization of the vehicle by GPS
      • eHorizon provides curvature and road friction on the road ahead
      •  Friction data generation based on crowd-sourced approach from previous vehicles
      • PreviewESC determines the max. velocity based on received eHorizon data and vehicle dynamics
      • PreviewESC performs deceleration control

      Driving experience

      • Demonstration of a predictive ESC function, powered by eHorizon 
      • End-to-End capability from one supplier
      • Product lifecycle experience: vehicle collects friction value, provides it to, loops aggregated/normalized values back to vehicles / PreviewESC
      • In case of inappropriate speed PreviewESC intervenes to ensure the Stability


      • Avoid a stability critical situation of the vehicle
      • Warns driver on upcoming critical situation
      • Protects the vehicle from road departures
      • Increase driving stability on curvy roads
      • Contribution to Vision Zero