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      Road AND Driver-Kamera

      Road AND Driver Camera


      New system solution of a front-looking camera for advanced driver assistance systems (view to the outside) with an interior camera for driver monitoring (view to the inside)


      • Continental system solution for all Autonomous Driving vehicles (Level 3+) including driver model functionality
      • Fifth Generation Multi-Function Camera with secondary imager to monitor driver availability and attentiveness
      • Front looking Multifunction Camera MFC500 with AI enabled functionality
      • Additional infrared imager with LED illumination looking at the driver


      • Detect driver availability for handover of the driving task from the Automated Driving system to the human driver
      • Data from the interior camera is evaluated not only for the safe transfer of driving functions. With the aid of the Occupant Safety Monitor software function, it can also be used to optimize passive safety systems, such as seatbelts and airbags, for the respective situation


      • At the end of the Automated Driving environment the system confirms the driver availability to decide if it is safe to hand over the control of the vehicle to the human driver or if performing a minimum risk maneuver is necessary