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      CUbE – Driverless Mobility

      CUbE – Driverless Mobility


      With the CUbE, Continental has a worldwide development platform for driverless mobility in urban areas since 2017. Worldwide R&D teams – located in Japan, China, Singapore, Europe and in the USA – work in a global network on country-specific activities.


      Continental has the systems and components tailored to driverless vehicle technology. Many aspects of the technology used in the CUbE are based on driver assistance systems and sensors like radar and camera, that are already installed in today’s series production vehicles, as well as new technologies such as the 3D Flash Lidar. Based on the gathered expertise, these systems will be further developed to control the vehicle completely autonomously. Brakes (first ABS application for a robo-taxi), steering, and propulsion are further areas of research as well as localization, HMI concepts, driving functions and motion control. Continental technologies such as ABS, radar, and a redundant brake system are being used in series production for driverless vehicles for the first time in French company EasyMile’s EZ10 autonomous shuttle. 

      Driving Experience

      Guests will board the CUbE and experience Continental’s vision of driverless urban mobility. 
      They will hear more about the complex requirements placed on driverless vehicles that are 
      being studied under real conditions worldwide. A focus is on the environment perception and 
      the detailed visualization of the surrounding.


      • Efficiently addressing the “first mile – last mile challenge” and enabling seamless mobility services
      • Widespread deployment of fleets is expected to alleviate inner city congestion