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      Intelligente Kreuzung

      Intelligent Intersection


      A range of smart city technologies developed by Continental for an Intelligent Infrastructure – such as Intelligent Intersections and Intelligent Street Lamps – will be trialed in three Smart City Living Labs (Germany, USA, China) which are Continental test fields in real road traffic. The Intelligent Intersection is a comprehensive concept to increase efficiency and safety of intersections through sensor-based (mounted on infrastructure) object detection and fusion as well as a holistic traffic understanding. Dedicated Short-Range Communication (DSRC) links intersection and vehicles to protect against collisions with vulnerable road users and other traffic participants.


      Technologies used:

      • Radar, Camera, Conti.Cloud, and Infrastructure-2-Vehicle Communication (I2V) based on DSRC

      System operation:

      • Detection of objects (vehicles, vulnerable road users) in intersection areas
      • Environment model build by sensors mounted on the infrastructure
      • Support traditional functions like stop bar detection and dilemma zone
      • Enables advanced functions such as congestion detection, detection and communication of occluded pedestrians


      • Automotive grade sensors mounted on Infrastructure at a real-world intersection
      • Exhibit with Augmented Reality experience which shows traffic and data from a real 
      • This will support our goal of vision zero – a future without crashes


      • Protecting vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists
      • Increasing safety by detecting and communicating objects in intersection areas
      • Enabling additional applications like traffic statistics and efficient traffic light actuation to support less congested and cleaner cities