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      EB cadian Sync Demo

      EB cadian Sync Demo


      EB cadian Sync, a reliable, scalable, flexible, and secure toolchain for software and firmware updates over the air, enables car makers to continuously improve vehicle functions and react quickly to security issues through software updates over the air. The demo is showcasing a firmware update on multiple on-board ECUs initiated from the back-end. 


      • Dashboard, back-end, and client software for over-the-air updates
      • Use UDS protocol services (ISO 14229) for firmware update
      • Secure end-to-end protection of the update process by using established technologies like
        - Transport Layer Security 1.2 (TLS), Hardware Security Module (HSM), Certificate-based authentication (x509)
      • Encrypted storage of data within the back-end
      • Reliable firmware updates
      • Customizable to fit into customer’s connected infrastructure
      • ncorporated products besides EB cadian Sync: EB corbos, EB tresos, as target software for over-the-air updates

      Media Experience

      • By supporting Adaptive AUTOSAR, EB cadian Sync enables - already today - software updates 
        over the air for the car of tomorrow
      • Gain an outlook into the future by experiencing a software update over the air from a driver’s 


      • Minimized risk of hacker attacks
      • Add latest features to your car on the go
      • Spend less time in repair shops