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      Intelligente Straßenlampe

      Intelligent Street Lamp

      Scope A range of smart city technologies developed by Continental for an Intelligent Infrastructure – such as Intelligent Intersections and Intelligent Street Lamps – will be implemented at two Smart City pilot locations (USA and China) which are Continental test fields in real road traffic. Intelligent Street Lamps are a key element in the development of a safe, clean and smart city. Using secure connectivity and sensorics, Intelligent Street Lamps simplify the management of lighting, while monitoring and analyzing environment, traffic and parking information in smart cities.


      • Light & energy management
        • Remote light switching & dimming; Remote diagnostics, Adaptive lighting
      • Traffic monitoring and analysis
        • Traffic analysis & Real-time parking spot identification
      • Assisting connected vehicles
        • Assisting connected vehicles V2I communication, proactively warning about critical events
      • Pollution/ Environment monitoring
        • Collecting & analyzing of environmental data, e.g. air quality & noise
      • Streetlamp communication mesh and internet uplink via connected streetlamp 
      • Connectivity to backend/ cloud and state of the art integration into existing smart city / mobility platforms
      • Secure communication and real time data transfer
      • Streetlamp as a roadside unit for V2I

      Media Experience

      • Intelligent street lamps as key element for a safe & clean smart city
      • Automotive Technology moves to infrastructure
      • Prototype of Smart Multisensor Box
      • Diorama and Animations of different use cases


      • Increased personal and roadway safety
      • Collection of smart city data to enable smart city services

      Benefits for Utilities and Operators

      • Efficient asset tracking and management & decreased operational costs 

      Benefits for Traffic Participants and Automotive

      • Real-time traffic flow and information on critical events / parking spot information