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      Data Monetization Platform

      Data Monetization Platform


      The demo shows a blockchain-based platform enabling OEMs and other parties to exchange and monetize mobility-related data. This enables the creation of new revenue streams by selling data via the marketplace. At the same time, the platform accelerates to break down data silos to improve services by combining data coming from various sources. The monetization of data is enabled by secure, transparent and efficient micropayments enabled by the blockchain technology


      • Blockchain-based platform to enable a distributed marketplace
      • Data monetization: Transactions are registered on the blockchain to allow secure, traceable and efficient 
        payments of data without middle man
      • Data sharing: Data is streamed directly and end-to-end encrypted between data providers and consumers
      • Offers an end-to-end solution including vehicle and backend service-oriented architecture
      • Our partner: Hewlett Packard Enterprise,

      Media Experience 

      Three components are used to show the full user

      • The car drivers give their consent via a mobile application and thereby allow the OEM to access 
        their vehicle data
      • Demonstration shows how data sharing between two OEMs improves the quality and coverage of an in-car service related to road weather directly on the infotainment system
      • Dashboard shows how OEMs can subscribe to data from other OEMs on the marketplace and manage their transactions and data flows


      • Control over data stays with each driver
      • Respects end-user data governance and data protection laws by opt-in and opt-out system
      • Improves the quality, penetration and global reach of in-car services to increase safety and comfort for other drivers on the road