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      High-Definition Headlamp System Demo Fahrzeug

      High-Definition Headlamp System Demo Car


      The demo car is equipped with a high-definition micro-LED headlamp system. The system provides a fully digital, high-resolution light shape for the driver as well as other traffic participants. The digital light shape is dynamically adapted according to ambient conditions


      • Additive high-resolution system, generating light only where it is needed
      • Usage of first generation Eviyos micro-LED arrays in combination with laser high beam boost

      • Integrated high-speed FPGA control of the µLED array
      • System integration of camera sensor, light control algorithms and high-definition light modules

      Media Experience

      • Headlamp featuring the world‘s first µLED array for automotive forward lighting
      • Vehicle equipped with a high-resolution µLED headlamp system including a laser boost.
      • Full system approach from camera sensors to the high-resolution light shape with more
        than 8000 pixels. 


      • Optimum light beam in all ambient conditions both for the driver and other traffic participants
      • Combination of high-resolution and low energy consumption