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      As if by Magic...

      Continental has developed the ShyTech Display: a screen that appears only when it is needed as if by magic.

      • Continental presents innovative display technology for puristic design reduced to the essentials
      • Display is only visible when it is needed
      • CES 2022 Innovation Award and German Design Award 2022 in "Gold" for Continental's ShyTech Display

      Continental is showcasing how drivers can keep track of the vehicle interior with the help of a so-called ShyTech display. The screen of the display solution appears as if by magic when it is needed. The surface is designed to recreate the look of the dashboard – such as that of wooden or carbon panels or a leather-covered surface. The solution is practically invisible to the human eye. With this, Continental is pursuing the approach of a purist interior design reduced to the essentials. The surface can be activated by touching, tapping or with the help of voice control. Information is then displayed razor-sharp thanks to a special optical system concept. At the same time, distracting reflections, such as those caused by sunlight, are prevented.


      Ulrich Lüders, Head of Strategy and Portfolio in the Human Machine Interface business unit at Continental:
      “Displays are the central human-machine interface in the vehicle. The design of display solutions therefore plays a central role in the design of the cockpit. Our ShyTech displays herald the beginning of a new age and for us they are the epitome of the cockpit of the future: digital, immersive and ’shy’.”

      A lot of information is processed in modern, connected and increasingly automated vehicles. Screens visualize this flood of information and therefore take up more and more space in the interior. But not all information is needed in every situation. Moreover, large displays without content do not contribute to a harmonious cockpit design. ShyTech displays are therefore an important innovation with an exciting design. Not only do they create a wow factor, but they also increase user-friendliness and increase safety while driving. Potential distractions are literally hidden, and information and functions appear onlywhen needed (function-on-demand). They are the epitome of the future cockpit: digital, immersive, and "shy".

      CES 2022 Innovation Award and German Design Award 2022 in "Gold" for Continental

      Growth of display areas is one of the key trends across vehicle interiors, but this can lead to an overwhelming experience for drivers. Continental’s ShyTech displays restore simplicity and enhances safety without compromising on advanced functions. Control surfaces made of buttons, lights and switches are hidden to integrate with the display in a brand-new way. While the full range of control options is always there for a user, only relevant content is visible. A driver’s needs drastically change in different situations, whether due to traffic, road type, time of day, or other factors. ShyTech displays make it possible to filter information to provide only essential functions with no distractions.

      For this technology, Continental earned the CES 2022 Innovation Awards. The ShyTech Displays was selected in the In-Vehicle Entertainment & Safety Category. A panel of independent expert judges – including industrial designers, engineers and members of the trade media – select Innovation Award winners to honor outstanding design and engineering in cutting-edge consumer electronics products across 27 categories. Entries are judged on three main criteria: engineering and functionality, aesthetic and design, and what makes the product unique and innovative. Winning technologies represent the best new examples of engineering, design and innovation. CES 2022 Innovation Honoree products are featured on

      In February 2022, Continental was awarded "Gold" at the German Design Award for its ShyTech display for excellent product design in the Automotive Parts and Accessories category. Every year, the award honors innovative and forward-looking products and projects for outstanding design.

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