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      Holistic HR Policy

      Personnel work is an important part of our company’s value creation. It plays a key, pioneering role in our growth strategy.

      Our HR policy is holistic and based on working with and for one another. In our collaboration, we attach great importance to relationships with one another and to ensuring that the shared corporate values – Trust, Passion To Win, Freedom To Act, and For One Another – are put into practice. These values form the basis for our corporate culture and shape the way in which we interact with each other and with our customers and partners.

      Our HR work is founded on two strategic pillars within which we implement different HR projects and initiatives.

      • “Industrialize Best Fit” brings together projects and systems that help us to meet our considerable need for employees with suitable skills and abilities – now and in the future.
      • “Enable Transformation” combines programs that enable us to support digital transformation at Continental so that we can make the most of the opportunities of digitalization. 
      Industrialize Best Fit – meeting staffing needs with precision

      More than 500,000 applications for salaried positions worldwide demonstrate, that Continental is a highly attractive employer for people all around the globe. At the same time, this large number presents the personnel systems and processes with particular challenges, since it is important to know our requirements and find the right applicant for the right position as efficiently as possible.

      We are working on a number of closely related projects in the context of improving our HR data and systems, HR planning and recruitment, and employee development. In the medium term, what we are looking for at Continental is not somebody for a job, but rather the right position at the company for a particular candidate. What counts is the person who is the best fit for a vacant position. This means the person with exactly the right skills, abilities, and values for the job and for Continental. The better the fit between employees and their jobs at Continental, the more satisfied and motivated the employees will be, which are key factors for productivity and quality.

      Enable Transformation – accompanying digital transformation

      Digital transformation is presenting major challenges for Continental, too. After all, the digitalization of the working world is changing established and familiar structures. Product cycles are becoming shorter, which means companies need to be able to flexibly adapt to new customer requirements and rapidly develop new business models. At the same time, digitalization offers our company many opportunities – both in terms of tapping new markets and also with regard to training our employees.

      Our team from the Human Relations department is actively helping shape digital transformation. Competitive advantages emerge if the company and its workforce adapt to the new conditions more quickly and flexibly than others. For Continental, this means that we need to think and act in an agile, innovative, and interconnected manner. We are therefore promoting four key areas:

      • Diversity management – is an essential requirement for creative ideas and alternative solution strategies.
      • Inspiring leadership culture – increases the enjoyment derived from commitment and spurs people on to perform well.
      • Flexible working conditions – enable our employees to maintain a healthy work/life balance.
      • Lifelong learning and intensive exchange of knowledge between our employees – give rise to the best solutions for our customers.