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      IAA Transportation Preview 2022

      Continental Trailer Capacity Assessment

      Calculate cargo hold areas and exploit available space

      Fewer drivers but an ever-increasing demand for transport capacity:  The logistics industry is under intense pressure to make better use of its loading capacities. To achieve this, fleet managers must precisely calculate available cargo space and integrate it into their trip and deployment planning. This is where Continental smartphone-based solution for trucks, semitrailers and trailers comes into its own.  Artificial intelligence calculates the available loading space, making it possible to increase fleet productivity. The solution also has the potential to contribute to more sustainable transportation. We have presented this solution at the TechTalk.

      Trailer Capacity Assessment presentation at the Continental TechTalk 

      Partial loads are not uncommon in freight transport, but they are neither efficient nor sustainable. Continental has presented a solution enabling fleet managers to improve their fleet utilization. You can look forward to the session by Jörg Lützner, Head of Innovation Management for Commercial Vehicles, at the Continental TechTalk. 

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      Christopher Schrecke

      Head of Communications

      Continental Automotive