Smart Voice Assistant

Smart Voice Assistant Demo Car


An intelligent speech assistant that can learn and adapt to user behavior, preferences and context.


  • Hybrid solution – works offline thanks to embedded portion 
  • Continental audio front end with adaptable wake-word detection
  • Cloud-based and embedded TTS (text-to-speech) engine with selection of different voices
  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU) powered by an efficient and easy-to-use dialogue 
    development platform
  • Combination of different assistants supported (e.g. OEM assistant + Amazon Alexa) 
  • Flexibility: modular system with possibility to exchange key components

Media Experience 

  • Fluent and intuitive natural language interaction with context awareness and multi-intent
    recognition across various functions
  • Unique Continental skills offering valuable vehicle related functions while protecting
    sensitive car data and user data
  • Seamlessly switch between Alexa and Continental‘s voice assistant „Companion“ 


  • More convenient user experience thanks to safe and intuitive speech interaction
  • Reduce distraction making driving even safer
  • Private data and vehicle data are sercurely protected